ManSafe Self Retractable Lifelines
ManSafe Self Retractable Lifelines (SRLs) are intended for use where mobility is needed and fall protection is required.

The innovative design and modular construction of a ManSafe SRL allows for quick and easy on-site inspection — as well as full recertification — resulting in the most cost-efficient SRL, giving the best ‘return on investment’ for the operator.
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Patented Constant Force® braking system is frictionless and won’t go out of adjustment.
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Advanced Full Contact™ patented pawl locking technology cannot freeze, hang-up or corrode
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Protective case is manufactured with Impact Modified Nylon’ securing the SRL and its internal components from damage.
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The standard of excellence in the Fall Safety Industry is Flexible Lifeline Systems (FLS). That’s why Latchways has teamed with FLS to distribute ManSafe SRLs in North America.

Maximizing fall-safety requires proper product selection and support. FLS provides full technical support on the full line of Latchways ManSafe SRLs. A superior product with superior support.